New solution for disease treatment using PLATELETS

Plasfer is trasforming blood platelets into cellular medicines

Isolation of platelets

A medical device is utilized for the loading of the platelets.

Platelet concentrates, obtained from whole blood, are automatically loaded with drugs/compounds.

Loaded platelets

Platelet-mediated delivery of oligonucleotides, small molecule, and antibodies/proteins

In vivo target

Platelet concentrates as drug carriers for the therapeutic targeting of solid
cancer and of inflammatory diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis).

Our Technology



Our technology exploits the unique properties of platelets which have been shown to be able to deliver nucleic acids, proteins and small molecules to various cell types, as cancer cells, pathogen agents, and subendothelial layer. Plasfer will enhance the capability of platelets to deliver payloads to specific cell and tissue types.

Patented Technology

The power of Platelets

Easy to separate, easy to load with payloads, easy targeting in vivo

Strong Intellectual Property

A portfolio of IP for using exclusively platelets as drug delivery tool

High qualified team

An high qualified and differentiated team with a strong and acknowledged scientific background

High Innovation

A technology with highly innovative impact in cell therapy

Plasfer Team


Preclinical development 0

Plasfer is in preclinical stage. Plasfer will lead the power of platelets to deliver nucleic acids to treat a diverse array of cancer and non-cancer indications.

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